Some Times You Just Don't Know

Who really wants to know anyways?
Tuesday, November 02, 2010
The last couple days I have felt Blaa. Upset stomach, diarrhea Just foggy, super tired not myself. Plan this week was to get stuff done, go to the gym, eat better. Instead all ive really done is slept. I thought maybe on Monday it was because i worked nights. Turns out though i still have a stomach ache and feel bla... Tomorrow the plan is to mow the grass for the last time and put the clippings on my perennial garden to help with the winter cold, put up my x mas lights, do laundry, and hopefully no stomach aches!!!
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Monday, November 01, 2010
Lately nights has been kicking the butt out of me. I am truly exhausted. I couldn’t even drag myself out of bed today. But I finally did at 432 pm. I had so much to do today, and I feel bad that I haven’t accomplished any of it. Most of all i feel sorry for the dogs who are stuck at home sleeping all day and night. I was supposed to take them to the off leash park at 430. But I seriously cant even think about that right now. Its sad. Sad when work takes control of you.

I would love to start eating right and exercising, but this work schedule of mine, leaves me unmotivated and too exhausted to start. Its the starting that is hard. There is always another day.. Those days add up to weeks/ months/years.

Sometimes I wonder if things would be better if I wasn’t a shift worker. I always have been. I have never had the 8-4 job. I think if I had an 8-4 job and something steady and the same all the time. I would be able to eat right, exercise right. My schedule is so unpredictable with working over time and the over time always seems to be night shift.

How does one eat right switching from days to night back to days then back to nights all the time.

I think my psychic is right. I will live a good quality of life. Maybe just not a long life..

But that is up to me to change!!! When Will I change!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010
Brooklyn is Prego Again!
P2270178So found out yesterday that my guide dog breeder dog Brooklyn is prego again. This time with 7 puppies as confirmed by ultrasound. Puppies should be coming around in a month or so. Last time she had 6 puppies and one died. This time 7. They bred her with 2 different male Labs from San Francisco. So these pups will be purebred labs. I Just hope this time she has no problems delivering. Last time she had problems and ended up getting a C-section and had complications.
So what happend with her pups. 2 went on to be guide dogs, 1 went on to be a service dog and 1 got kicked out of the program for not liking men.

Heres some pictures of Brooklyn with the her pups a couple years ago.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010
My Miracle drug Benadryl
Last night my little Tzzaporrah had an allergic reaction. I’m still not sure what too. About 10 pm she started obsessively licking her foot. By 11 she was still obsessively licking her foot. I took a look at it. Everything looked fine. So I thought maybe she caught a nail when she was outside that was bugging her. 12 pm goes by she’s still licking her foot but I was groggy and went back to bed. I woke up a few times in between looked for some benadryl but apparently I didn’t have any. I thought to myself I will grab some in the morning for her.

At 3 am I noticed that she was starting to lick both paws, her back, pretty much everywhere. So I turned on the light and noticed her face was puffed up. Great. Where am I supposed to find Benadryl at 3 am in a small town. (No where). I got up and went to the shell station. No benadryl however they have Midol and reactin if your looking for those. Went to MAC asked the guy if they had any benadryl. Of course he doesn’t really speak English and had no idea what i was asking for. I found the medication section and again no benadryl. Went down to the other convenience store down the hill. Not open. Went to Husky, no Benadryl. So I took a drive into Edmonton. of course by this time its 330 am. I remembered there was a 24 hour shopper drug mart. Went to the drug mart. Apparently its not 24 hours anymore and was not open. Frig. Now where.

Then I Remembered that Sobeys was 24 hour. Thank god they were open. Picked up some Benadryl and drove home. Now its is 415 am. Are you kidding me..

Benadryl is one of those medications that when you need it. you need it now. I consider it an emergency drug. I cannot believe that no where at 3 am in Beaumont can you find Benadryl. I was quite upset about that. 1 hour to wait for benadryl could be way to late. thank god it wasn’t.

Next thing. What is the dose for a dog for Benadryl. Thank god for the internet some days. Found the dose and of course she took it like candy. *yeah*

Benadryl is a awesome. Made her stop licking. made the puffiness go down. and MADE HER SLEEP. Woo hoo. and let me SLEEP. woo hoo.

Benadryl I think is sometimes a wonderful DRUG!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Wedding day so long ago

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Oh Hemo Dialysis
So as an ICU nurse I have learned many skills. One of my new skills as of Monday is Hemo Dialysis. Here is kind of a picture of what it might look like. Except the picture makes it look easy and im in the critical care setting. So nothing is ever easy there. Hemodialysis

So pretty much what happens is the blood comes from the patient into the machine and the machine works as a kidney and filters the blood and returns clean blood back to the patient. It also removes fluid, since the patient usually doesn’t pee. Fluid has to be removed. Generally around 3 L per run. Depending on the patient and how much fluid has to be removed.

What do I think of it. Well So far so good. I will write when I have to hook up a patient to the machine and take care of the machine and the patient at the same time. That will be another blog.
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Monday, October 18, 2010
This is Danea at 24 months old
Ill post some more pics of them as puppies
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This is Tzzaporrah at 12 months
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I have decided to come back
Its been a very long time since I've blogged. My Spelling and grammar haven’t gotten any better. But that is what makes me, me. The girls from work any myself decided to go to a psychic reading one day and she told me I need to start writing again. So here I am. Where to even begin. What to even write about. So many things are so different from my last blog. I guess that happens when you don’t blog for a couple of years.
I just guess this will be my starting point. Tomorrow will be another day. I plan on blogging about life mostly. Experiences of being a nurse, Experiences of being a fish geek, and I guess the experiences of owning 2 great danes and the experiences they give me. I will also blog about married life, the ups and the downs and the all arounds.

Heres a picture of the Family
Matt, me, Danea, and Tzzaporrah
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Monday, February 14, 2005
Sometimes You Just Don't Know
Some times you just dont know!
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